Please Note:

Dr. Garland is accepting referrals for new patients or speaking engagements on a limited basis.

Professional Services

Dr. Garland offers training workshops on the assessment and treatment of insomnia for a variety of professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and physician assistants. She is also available to provide follow-up evaluation and consultation.

Clinical Services

​​In addition to her role as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Oncology at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Director of the Sleep, Health, & Wellness laboratory, Dr. Sheila Garland is a registered Clinical Psychologist. She maintains a small private practice and has expertise in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep and mood disorders. She regularly works with individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families to manage the psychological effects of the cancer diagnosis and its treatment. Click HERE for more information about how to access the clinical services that Dr. Garland provides

Services We Provide