Kayla Wall
BSc (Hons) in Psychology - Memorial University

I am in the Masters of Experimental Psychology program. In the past I have conducted research in a behavioural neuroscience laboratory with Dr. Christina Thorpe, where I also completed my honours thesis. This research focused on time-place learning in rats, with an emphasis on the interaction between internal circadian oscillators and learning/memory. 

My thesis project will focus on the impact of sleep on cancer related cognitive dysfunction (CRCD) in women receiving treatment for breast cancer. 

Breanna Lane
BA (Hons) in Psychology – Mount Allison University

I am in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program. I received my Bachelor of Arts at Mount Allison University in Nova Scotia, where I examined the effect of conscious recognition on action production. I have volunteered for several other research projects including pediatric pain research.

My thesis project is a collaboration with Young Adult Cancer Canada to examine the needs of young adults with cancer using a national survey. Specifically we will look at comparing young adults with cancer to their matched peers to determine the 'unique' impact of cancer in this age group.

​Doctoral Students

Ellie King
BSc (Hons) in Psychology – University of Liverpool
MSc in Mental Health Studies – King's College London

I am in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program. I received my Bachelor of Science at the University of Liverpool in the UK, where I examined the effect of gender, race and self-esteem on students' choice and influence of role model choices. My masters thesis examined the impact of an 8-week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course on individuals with bipolar disorder.

My thesis project is a mixed methods study aimed at increasing our understanding of why students engage in potentially risky behaviors, like taking stimulants, to cope with poor sleep.

Master's Students

Sheila N. Garland, PhD, R Psych


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary, AB
MSc, Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary, AB
BA, (Honours), Psychology, University of Calgary, AB

A copy of Dr. Garland's curriculum vitae is available HERE.

Hillary Rowe

I completed my honours thesis in April 2016 with Dr. Garland comparing memory function in good and poor sleepers using wrist actigraphy. I intend to pursue graduate studies in either psychology or medicine but in the meantime, I continue to volunteer with a number of other projects in the lab.

Samantha Scurrey
BA (Hons) in Psychology - Memorial University

I am in the Masters of Applied Psychological Science program. I was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Award and worked as a research assistant in the Sleep, Health, & Wellness Lab over the summer.

My thesis project will focus on the impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on sleep and hot flashes in men with prostate cancer. 

​Dr. Sheila Garland is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Oncology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has been involved in the development, delivery and evaluation of exploratory and evidence-based mind-body interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acupuncture, healing arts, and residential cancer retreat programs. Her body of work has spanned numerous tumor groups and the cancer trajectory from newly diagnosed to end of life. Click HERE for a more detailed description of her research. More information about her publications can be found HERE.

Principal Investigator and Director

Volunteer Lab Members

Nicole Rodriguez

My honours project is examining technology use and sleep in university students. I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. I recently helped to publish a review of Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Insomnia.

The Sleep, Health, & Wellness Lab for the 2016-2017 Year

Hannah Lane

My honours project is examining the psychological correlates of stimulant and hypnotic medication use in university students. I have aspirations of becoming a medical doctor. I am currently working on writing a review on sleep quality in parents of children with cancer. 

Honours Students

Lily Repa

BSc in Psychology (Hons, magna cum laude) – University of Ottawa

I am a student in the Doctor of Psychology program. I received my Bachelor of Science at the University of Ottawa, where I received the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program scholarship to pursue research concerning the needs and strengths associated with suicide ideation among youth. My undergraduate thesis examined the interaction between gestational and chronic mild stress on the hippocampal physiology of female rats.

For my thesis research, I am conducting a campus-wide survey of sleep, health, and wellness behaviors at MUN in order to inform future prevention and intervention programs.

Joshua Remedios

I am working with Dr. Garland and YACC to conduct a national survey of health and well-being of young adults with cancer in Canada. I hope go on to attend graduate school in clinical psychology.