Research Interests

Broadly, my research examines how thoughts and behaviors impact health and what can be done to improve quality of life in patients with chronic diseases. To date, my research had focused on cancer populations but my methodology can easily extend to other groups.

My research interests can be broken down into 4 specific areas:

1. Understanding Mechanisms 

For example: How do cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, impact circadian rhythms and can the maintenance of circadian function improve treatment outcomes? In what ways may improved sleep and psychological well-being intersect with and influence biological processes and outcomes?

2. Prevention and Intervention 

For example: What factors increase risk for disturbed sleep after a cancer diagnosis? Is there an optimal time in the treatment trajectory to treat sleep disturbances?

3. Personalizing Treatment

For example: How do individual characteristics and preference influence treatment adherence and outcome?

4. Increasing Access

For example: What are the best ways to translate current evidence-based interventions to treat sleep disturbances in unique and underserved populations, e.g. parents of children with cancer, survivors of childhood cancer, patients at end of life?